Often times the efforts and exercises involved in maintaining a viable IT environment that can suppurt your business take a toll on your ability "to be the best" in what you do; your core line of business. The business continuity managed services at Stavanga ATS otherwise referred to as BCaaS; Business-Continuity-as-a-Service, offers our clients the confidence of operating on and maintaining the most robust IT platform while they focus fully on their individual core line of business. It offers, as a service, especially in a situation of limited or no technical resources all the daily preparatory exercises involved in remote data replication and disaster recovery. These exercises are components you need to build a full scale data high availability solution without the overhead of having to have your own business continuity resources on staff.

With our colocations stategic locations, we are now able to offer a full business continuity package in which case we provide colocation, daily replication, DR plan and test. Clients who have resources with the right skills can simply subscribe to our IaaS cloud service for their business continuity initiative.

In our BCaaS, a client will subscribe to a Managed Service meaning all things backup (remote data replication from primary to recovery site) and its goal; recoverability & restorability is taken care of by our engineers, DR planners, architects and administrators. Clients' flexibility in being able to leverage this kind of option in multiple locations considering geography and power grid as they relate to choices of DR location is one of a few powerful uniqueness of our BCaaS offering.

UNIQUENESS - As a client you get to replicate your data to your business or industry standard remote storage arrays. If you are a Healthcare or Financial client and your industry standard (HIPAA or SOX) requires you to replicate to certain industry certified array or hardware, that is what your data will be replicated to. You have the option to choose your compatible remote data facility unless you are open to our base offering.

OPTIONS - Our BCaaS comprises of VirDR + RDR + DRP&T + FoFb.

VirDR - Virtualized Disaster Recovery, where we only provide you with IaaS Cloud infrastructure and you take over from the OS level.

RDR - Remote Data Replication, where our SMEs take care of your Initial Copy to the VirDR and subsequent copy of daily changes.

DRP&T - Disaster Recovery Plan & Test, where you subscribe to our periodic DR planning and testing service to ascertain that your backups are useable.

FoFb - Failover-Failback, where we failover your primary to our Cloud IaaS during a disaster situation to restart operation within the agreed SLA and failback to your primary site later.