Data Storage

We help throughout the complex situation of uncontrollable storage growth to latency in storage area network among a few. Our data storage team are available to help plan ahead of time to avoid the complexity that results from poor architectural design of storage area network (SAN) and storage attached network (NAS).

Find below a list of services we can bring to your environment to align your data storage experience with today's cutting-edge technology:

Re-architecture - several methods that assure that you will never experience disruption or loss of data when trying to cut-over to a current technology from your existing or non-performing one.

Storage Reclamation - we can help you increase your storage capacity ROI by either re-purposing your out of date arrays or return unused portion of your physical storage to your pool. Even if your storage controller does not have the capability to handle this kind of capacity reclaim, we have host based technology that will stand between your array and any host (UNIX & WINDOWS) and achieve space reclamation. Consulting - though your storage investment might be under a standard maintenance from your favorite vendor but our expertise will help validate excesses in licences and recommended services that are uncalled for.

Storage Implementation - with choices of technologies available today, our implementation service will present a honest opinion on what is best for your environment and project even when you think otherwise. From fibre channel to iSCSI to FCoE, we look at your long term goal to help come up with what works best for you business.

Storage Assessment - this is a deep dive into how your storage enterprise is setup to help come up with optimization, budget cut from over-subscription. Optmizatoon can be a matter of either simply changing your current choice of RAID, setting up storage tiering, load balancing your I/O ports between fabrics to name a few.