We engage the best storage architects in the industry in this area that seems scary to a lot of people. Giving that your production data is very valuable to your business, careful steps are taken to ensure that your business stays online during this transformation period. Our approach is to keep your infrastructure online while we your existing platform to state-of-the art.

This transformation is not one of those technology hypes or stunts that is intended to exhibit your awareness about today's technology. We will first determine, based on your business need and model, if your storage environment is a candidate for:

  • Recommendation on achieving the best ROI on existing platform even when re-architecture may be the best solution
  • Fibre Channel to FCoE re-architecture
  • Fibre Channel to iSCSI multi platform
  • IP-SAN Connection - IFCP or FCIP SAN islands tying
  • FCoE & Fibre Channel paralleled architecture