Business Continuity

Can your business stand the storm? The goal of our business continuity service is to help our clients minimize or eliminate the impact of unforeseen catastrophe in their IT environment. Unforeseen catastrophe can be natural disaster (abrupt or rolling), human error and unexplainable circumstances. We focus very seriously on the ability to respond more effectively to disruptions and minimize the costs and time associated with recovery.

Protecting data and IT infrastructure in the event of a disruptive situation has become an increasing and more visible business priority in recent years. According to a recent article by (07/06/09), the average worldwide budget for DR is $50Million. By subscribing to our business continuity service, your business will keep running even while it experiences an event that could otherwise cause a great damage to your operation and precious reputation.

To ascertain recovery readiness from a disaster scenario, we periodically assist our clients in testing and making sure that their remote backup is healthy and recoverable. We can work with any third party replication tools you already have. Our Business Continuity service assures the ability to continue operation through any unforeseen disaster. While your operation is up and running, the following sequential exercises are continuous, interwoven and dependent routines that will prepare your environment for disaster resiliency:

  • Full Initial Copy & DIFF Updates
  • Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Periodic DR Test - Failover & Failback