Cloud Services

Providing Infrastructure as a Service otherwise known as IaaS; the foundation upon which cloud service is built, is more of a commitment than a service that we provide to help our clients transform their information technology enterprise to the cloud. With comprehensive and industry proven experience and references, we are able to qualify or disqualify a client for Iaas within sixty minutes. Which means not all business are candidates for IaaS but can built on it and consume from the top layer services. Below is a list of how our IaaS can help simplify the life of an enterprise to midrange to start-up businesses that are considering cloud service:

  • Instant scalability
  • Real-time configuration
  • New platform allows true performance, value and control
  • Discrete, dedicated pool of compute resources to create and manage virtual servers
  • Control load balancers and firewall resources
  • Flexibility on the use and deployment of your cloud resources
  • On-demand computing resources
  • Support for managing and monitoring your cloud infrastructure
  • VMware virtualized
  • Power and flexibility of Infrastructure-as-a-Service
  • Private Cloud Isolation, security and performance
  • Eliminate Public Cloud performance concerns