Keeping copies of your production data at a remote location is an integral part of solid business continuity preparedness. Our colocation facilities are situated in secure, fault tolerant, enterprise-class datacenters designed to provide the utmost uptime for our clients' computing infrastructure that run their critical IT application and databses. Given our resilient business approach our clients have the confidence in outsourcing their recovery or production workload to one of our world-class datacenters located in 19 Counties and 42 Cities around the globe.

Below is a few important highlights that feature how our colocation service is able to offer solutions while our clients are assured that they have trusted the best in the industry with the most valuable piece of their business:

Economics - Though our cloud solution is designed to help get rid or reduce IT operational cost but colocation clients who are particular about handling their own operations can still subscribe to hardware rental option within our datacenter. They are able to scale up and down their hardware requirement as needed without being tied down to choices of operating systems as typified by our IaaS offering.

Reliability & Efficiency - The entire floor and the four walls of our datacenters are outfitted with 24x7x365 guaranteed power supply configured in a 2N (A + B) standard. Redundancy in power supply is assured by multiple power feeds supported by different power generating substations. Our industrial standard UPS' and generators are protected and ready for a take-over in an unusual situation. Inevitable cooling is provided by a state-of-the-art configuration and architecture of our facilities keeping in mind the importance of cooling of computing equipments.

Security - Security in all of our facilities is the number one priority as characterized by annual SSAE-16 audit. We have on staff the most trusworthy secruity personnel as a top layer to video monitoring, biometric authentication and sturdy fencing. For onsite visits, our parking lots has enough capacity to support all of our cliets at one time.