Storage Consulting at Stavanga ATS involves a deep dive into your current storage infrastructure to help determine how you can run your storage environment at the most optimum performance and at the most reduced cost. This is not a trade of performance for economics it's achieving both performance at economics at the same time.

We will deploy a storage resource management tool or strategy with the lowest to your overhead to your OPEX to establish what your storage assets are. The next step is sitting down with each business unit to understand comprehensively what your business needs are. Understanding your business will help us determine your technical requirements.

These discoveries are passed down to our storage architects who will propose a plan for the solution that best justifies your business storage infrastructure acquisition.

The storage architects will provide deliverables that comprise of the following:
  • Prompt engagement in problem resolution from real-time access to performance monitoring tools data
  • Documentation of the assessment discoveries
  • Recommendation for future storage re-design
  • plan that includes reduction in power consumption and footprint in future architecture

Contact Stavanga ATS before you plan storage consolidation, business continuity. Our involvement will help express the business impact and offer economic reasons for your plan to your executives..