The ovation has been very loud on being able to wrap up or encapsulate Fibre Channel Frames into a 10Gb or higher Ethernet network, but who should datacenter customers trust with this change and evolution in their enterprise? The answer without a doubt is Stavanga ATS!

Given that the rational and business case for FCoE in datacenters are not questionable, but are datacenter customers prepared or have plans in place for the cut-over? At Stavanga ATS, we have not only been an advocate and one of the forerunners of this technology but have also been the most successful at Fibre Channel and Ethernet cut-over to FCoE. We have a team full of engineers, architects and administrators with tremendous expertise in Deploying FCoE With Existing Fibre Channel and Ethernet Data Network.

While a lot of datacenter customers have realized how important FCoE is, the fear of unknown still stands in the way of making that big change that can save them millions of dollars in storage and data network management cost, infrastructural footprint and power reduction. Stavanga ATS has successfully cut-over the most complex datacenters to FCoE by educating, re-assuring datacenter managers who are the sole backbones of IT executives through proof-of-concept followed by actual deployment.

Contact Stavanga ATS to:
  • Discover the power of seamless coexistence of FCoE with current FC and Ethernet data network
  • Understand when you should start deploying FCoE at your datacenter
  • Fully understand how you should deploy FCoE
  • Know what FCoE deployment entails from storage, server and data network standpoint
  • Learn new infrastructure rollout in parallel with FCoE in preparation for future seamless cut-over