Partnership Program

Partnership at Stavanga ATS means collaboration with IT Solution providers to asceratin that services are delivered to their end clients promptly. With our strategic partnership, solution providers no longer have to worry about the uncertainties that are associated with hiring random technical resources whose skill sets have only been validated by corporate but non-technical recruiters.

Below a list of opportunities that IT service providers can benefit from in our partnership program:

Projects - you've won the deal, engage our highly skilled professionals for immediate projec kick-off.

Consulting - align our experts' years of experience with analysis involved in helping your end clients come up with the right solutions for the issues in their enterprise or as recommendations for cutting edge technology.

Field Sales- close out deals by engaging our highly skilled Subject Matter Experts in proof-of-concept and technical presentation meetings.

Augmentation- suplement your professional services team with our administrators, architects and engineers as needed.

Co-Marketing - reach groups of new audiences and targets while you also promot your brand.

Co-branding - you've heard great things about us, contact us to help you promote your service or product from the background.