Storage Assessment

You can put dealing with bottlenecks in your storage infrastructure by engaging a Stavanga ATS consultant who can drastically help attain a superior level of performance from your existing storage platform. We follow a standard set of procedure that enables us identify ways to improve performance.

The Storage Assessment team offers a several assessment services to meet your needs as well as services that enable you to improve the performance of all open systems, application and databases.

Being able to spot and isolate problems swiftly when they arise is critical to your business continuance. By contacting our Storage Assessment team, our consultants will deploy the best performance monitoring tools to gather your storage platform setup and configuration, in order to make recommendation for achieving the best performing storage platform. Find below a few of the virtue in what our storage assessment practice offers:

  • Prompt engagement in problem resolution from real-time access to performance monitoring tools data
  • Ability to predict the future of your storage platform - emanating from full knowledge of your current performance and factors behind it
  • Recommendation on achieving the best ROI on existing platform even when re-architecture may be the best solution

Storage assessment practice at Stavanga ATS had helped data storage end users in the healthcare, fianancial, manufacturing industries realized over 60 Million dollars in savings and over subscription in the last five years. We continues to intervene and help custmers with initiatives and roadmaps that can help them get a better grip around their storage environment as days go by.