Storage Implementation

Storage implementation can be a complex part of your enterprise. They require specialized design and management skills. Stavanga ATS implementation team handles the architecture, configuration and provisioning of your storage area networks (SAN), network attached storage (SAN) and content addressable storage (CAS).

The approach includes all exercises involved from small environments supporting a few servers, to large environments supporting hundreds or thousands of servers with application and databases of different storage access behavior.

Making sure that devices from multiple vendors are able to inter-operate, configuring storage management software and validating your current storage environments are all included in our proces

  • Deploy your first SAN and get rid of period interruptions associated with capacity scale out in direct attached storage
  • Leverage NAS for file and block storage segregation
  • Tiered storage - align your connectivity, performance and availability with data criticality and business relevance
  • Tie up islands of SAN and NAS for gain ease of management and central control from infinite distance

Stavanga ATS can design and configure mid-range and enterprise class storage arrays for the use in mission critical computing environments.

With implementation based on Fibre Channel (FC), Gigabit Ethernet (iSCSI) and/or FCoE technologies, we can offer both high-performance and virtually infinite connectivity.