Storage Reclamation

Stavanga ATS provides expertise that helps businesses save on capital budgeted for data storage deployment. Regardless of what storage platform or vendor storage product is involved, our experts are able to find and reclaim storage capacity that has been allocated and unused. In storage platforms that are not already outfitted for Dynamic Provisioning, we can still make reclamation happen by deploying our unsurpassed experience and cut dollars budget down.

With our experience, no storage platform can be too outdated for space reclamation. It's all about engaging the right talents and bring in the right strategies. Though you may have been saving empty and blank data for a long time, we will put an end to waste in your storage platform from the very first day you engage us.

Call us to find out more about our approach and ways we can help saving you right away. Below is a few of several reasons your storage infrastructure needs reclamation initiative:

  • Realize capital expenditure and operating expense
  • Avoid storage capacity oversubscription
  • Maximize 100% of storage asset
  • Ease of storage and capacity management
  • Boost resources level of expertise from simplified management