Why Partner With Stavanga ATS

Our versatility in being able to provide solutions for end clients in different industries allows us to help several IT service providers through the most complex datacenter, data storage and managed services situations. Our sales and technical teams both understand the business of IT in relation to industy standards as they relate to healthcare, financial, manufacturing, insurance, K12 and government agencies. Our technical team's thorough understanding of how enterprise storage platform interracts with operating systems (open systems and mainframe) and data network continues to add value to our customers environment when it becomes absolutely important to engage resources with holistic approach and acumen in datacenter problem resolutions.

Our thorough understanding of how your enterprise storage interracts with open systems continues to add value to our customers environment. While years of industry experience help us in quick problem resolution, a team of top gun architects and engineers from different storage technology backgrounds help in prompt decision making in architecture or re-architecture especially in an end-of-life support situations.

Find below a few of our success stories:

HEALTHCARE - A New York based hospital group with a total of 3,100 beds - The total operating cost of this healthcare partner is about $2.1 billion annually across all member facilities. With our extensive and comprehensive knowledge of HIPAA, FDA regulation and certifications, Stavanga ATS hit the ground running with storage re-architecture, consolidation and data migration from 8 EMC Symmetrix to IBM DS8300 and other vendor arrays behind a virtualization engine. We saved this Hospital Group over $1,850,000 in operational and infrastructural budget over one and half years. Operational downtime and service dispruption liability cost was reduced by 94%.

INSURANCE - Chicago Based Insurance Company - Stavanga ATS demonstrated storage vendor agnostic expertise in this datacenter move from downtown Chicago to an IL suburb. Stavanga ATS came in and took leadership in thise datacenter-move effort by leveragingd our thorough understanding of both server and storage sides of the enterprise in migrating hundreds of terabytes of data from old Symmetrix to new EMC DMXs in a 96% AIX UNIX environment. We configured and started EMC SRDF replication and over 90% savings in storage capacity and business continuity managed services costs have been recorded and maintained hitherto.

MANUFACTURING - An Albuquerque, NM, based manufacturing company - Stavanga ATS planned and implemented the first SAN for this manufacturer. Based on the assessment of the customer's environment, the innovation and recommendation we brought in were to have all hosts boot from an IBM SAN. Our involvement here was from start to finish - rack, stack, implement, configure, provision, deliver the storage technology, blade chassis and CISCO networking technology. Storage utilization and management has been kept under control while ease of management and low storage budget has since been maintained at this customer environment.

K12 - GA Public School System - At this public school system, the following gains were realized from Stavanga ATS' successful implementation of the IBM SVC for the storage environment at this Public School System of GA: 85% reduction in storage operation time, 90% reduction in multi-vendor storage related licensing cost, 52% reduction in annual storage infrastructural maintenance budget, and over $150,000.00 per year in power savings.

FINANCIAL - Credit Card Settlement Company, Roswell, GA - Storage Virtualization through (2) HP EVA8100, two (2) Hitachi USP, six (6) HP MSA1500, behind a Hitachi USPV. Customer's environment was improved by: Over $350,000.00 in annual savings on multi-vendor replication and SRM tool, 73% increase in storage capacity, and ease of management achieved from Thin Provisioning and Zero Page Reclaim.

CONSTRUCTION - Atlanta based construction company - Assessment of the entire storage platform using a proprietary storage-resource-management tool for a deep dive into the fabric, storage controller and hosts. Following fabric tunning, change of RAID choice and storage tier creation, 88% increase in response time was noticed.